serious lyrics – freddie foxxx

huh, do it

now sit back in your seat and kick up your nike’s
and listen to freddie foxxx cold rip the mic
the microphone’s burnin’ like a flamin’ torch
and my lyrics are hot so they can burn and scorch

so here’s a little somethin’ for you hip-hop wimps
try to come down hard on the hip-hop prince
get your rhymes all together, your microphones ready
’cause you’re about to meet the hip-hop terror, freddie

for all you other rappers with self-proclaimed t*tles
shut up and face the true supreme idol
rappers, i’m here so come get it
but those that tried are real sorry they did it

’cause i hit it hard, nail on the head, now they’re dead
but that’s what you get when you’re messin’ with fred
ain’t no jokin’ or playin’ around, just listen to the sound
while i get down, this is serious

so serious when i take the stage
kinda like lettin’ a pitbull out of a cage
for blood or raw meet, huh, sound sweet
but i take the mic and a milky beat

and drop one rhyme that’s self-defined
and then you lay back and relax while i climb into your mind
every openin’ hole
walk through your body and take over your soul

this jam is deep when i speak, you turn chicken
scared to death because my b*ssline’s kickin’
jump off and grab the mic, i dare you
then i’ma open you up and then wear ya

drag you all over like raggedy ann
rough up the wannabe’s, make you a man
then when you jump up to talk cr*p
you’ll get slapped with a rap that makes your neck snap back

down for the count, my hand is raised
my rhyme is praised and you feel dazed
i’m gonna take you deeper down to the bottom
when my voice hits the mic, it’ll sound like i shot him

i’m like riker’s buckwild in dozens
and you’ll be lookin’ around like, who was it?
hit from all sides, all you feel is pain
and you don’t even know your own name

try to get up for the next round and pout it
you think you survive? i doubt it
bring the stretcher, jumpstart the brain and heart
of a rapper that’s been torn apart this is serious

this is serious

now i’ma tell you somethin’ you should never forget
fred could stand in h*ll and won’t sweat
don’t believe it? this is h*ll
bring the rapper then ring the bell

then once we start rappin’, it’s a h*ll of a round
it takes you, your crew and the cops to bring me down
the rapper of rap, rhymes my occupation
here we go, pump up your radio station

the kut terrorist scratchin’ like a maniac
fred’s kickin’ rhymes like a natural born brainiac
it’s like your standin’ in water and touched a live wire
boom, you’re on fire

and i keep rollin’, rhymes keep projectin’
hittin’ like a punch to the jawbone connectin’
you see me with the mic in my hand and you’re jelled up
schemin’ with your posse but y’all got held up

serious business the only way to go
i’m all about makin’ beats, rhymes and dough
and once in a while i’m a stick man
but girls ain’t a problem to foxxx, ’cause i’m in, man

i got rappers on the mic delirious
you know why? ’cause this is serious

this one is a special dedication for all the posse out there
this one goes out to eric b. and rakim
this one goes out to my man ant live
this one goes out to premo

sha, let’s jet and the louisville slugger
this one goes out to my dj the kut terrorist
this one goes out to laser mike
this one goes out to pat

i take this one deep for my physical taheim shabazz
this one goes out to the almighty supreme easy e
this one also goes out to the master kevvon
i’ma take this mile-deep for brooklyn

and i’ma slam one out left field for queens
and knock a home run for strong island
this one also goes out to the southside posse
this one goes to the paid in full posse

and i’ma take this one down for my man barney barn
and i’m also gonna say peace to all the gods
and i’m also gonna say, out


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