seven prophecies lyrics – centinex

embalmed in a frozen tomb
beneath the moon
i face the naked dawn
i stand still and stear
through out the river
a distant chant
returns me to the past

you, my goddess,
my queen of dark temptation
you feed my hunger
with black sinful love

freezing l*st to my
infernal mistress
seven prophecies forsooth eternally
summon your blood,
my wine, dark erotica
seven prophecies forsooth eternally

searching for a griefull pleasure
a shadow or a sign
from my coldest bride
caressed by a guiding wind
leads me away
to the horizon of tears

a burning vision,
they are my wings
into the flames, i fly
i kissed the sunset,
i adored the night
a silent dance infront of me

like a portal with velvet lights
i am now one with moonlight
like dragon shadows, like elves and stars
i sealed the grief in a dreamscape

like illusions can fall apart
like stones can turn to dust
the everblazing moon
can be darkened
immortal is my p*ssion
despair and memories
forever i will fill your existence

into the deep horizon i fly
searching for the new born dawn
you my goddess,
my queen of dark temptation
one day we will forever sleep

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