seven reigns lyrics – thy majestie

madness, pain, blood, fire
carry on through the lands
lord of qin please hear our plea

your painful story
resonates in all the reigns
i can feel it flowing, through my veins
i know i can break
all the chains that bind your souls
i promise you won’t suffer any more

winds of memory
and my dreams is now my oath
winds of memory
let these wishes fly high

seven reigns are fighting for
just the feuds between their lords
i will stop this war
i’ll have no demur
murder, deception and slain
to build the eternal reign of faith
turning the last page
of a world that’s crumbling

i have the favor
of the sky in my own hand
warring states are now my only aim
i’ll sere all the crowns
and a new one i will forge
a nation i will rule from my blessed throne

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