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hey what’s up, e
ah, i can’t call it just chill like an alcoholic
it’s like that huh, yeah
hey what’s up with lil’ baby you had last night yo
ah she was cute and sh*t but i had to put on my clown suit
check it out

only sixteen, thick as f*ck
gigantic size t*ts, big *ss bust
she ain’t trippin’ her tight jeans was fittin’ manish
mint condition man, major damage
potent dope, no joke
bottle of suffix, i knew she wasn’t smokin’ no c*ke
look h*lla tempted while i’m mustin’
the bad thing about it i was pressed in her cousin tangy

but that’s another story though
nothin’ worth relevant, let’s talk about the sixteen year old
s*xy and seducitve, quite impressive
i macked on baby, when she least expect it
dryin’ her clothes at the neighborhood laundry
“can i help you, oh by the way my name is e, baby”
she said, “i already know my cousin done spilled her guts”
told she did some stuff in yo 1970 cut

i replied, “is that right”, the boss and the hideous
that tight *ss b*tch, tangy ain’t got nothin’ on this
as far as havin’ me get, i spit the playa poppin’ con
i put that piece in the box, sn*tched her up and we was gone
i said, “what about yo n*gg*, the boss and hood bounty
wasn’t he supposed to pick yo *ss up”, she said, “f*ck him”
i said, “let’s go get twisted”, she said, “my house ain’t far
i got a king-sized bed, satin sheets and a bar”

to the velvet rugs, past the liquor store
she said, “man well just step on it, moms get home at four”
i said “okay, no problem”, h*lla juice from the beat
smashed on the gas, i see her house down the street
i finally made it, what is this here?
baby came out the kitchen with a trunk full of quarter beer
i rushed to the niznack time for s*x
like my partner waldo, e-40 at his best

she was kind of tense, yeah it made sense
i said to myself, “i might have to hit that there fence”
she said, “let’s calm down, we really gotta check it”
“i don’t know about you but i’m ready to get b*tt naked”
she said, “me too”, then i said, “cool”
unzipped my pants showed her my d*ck like a fool
she said, “i’m so hot”, touchin’ her crotch
stripped down to nathin’ laid on the couch

my sh*t ain’t even in, cl*toris tinglin’
give me some more that what the hiefer was mumblin’
“let’s get on the floor”, that’s what i had to say
she said, “i like it from the back”, i said, “the r*ct*m or the crevay”
*ss in the air, i’m about to dig up in her
went in the crib but thought before i entered
chlamydia no, i better check that ho
dug in my ear the wax let me make it clear

the finger that i use, stuck it in the grill
searched for some cups if it burns its chlamydia
old day tactic taught by my uncle
if ya gonna have the front hold it tight don’t fumble
armed with the test, not a pain or sting
this i presume that the b*tch is kind of clean
unzip the trojan, better safe than sorry
stretched it to fit, told it feel like calamari

am i makin’ love, she said, “no ya not”
“should i keep it up?”, she said, “i’m nuttin’ don’t stop”
“how does it feel?”, she said, “such a large c*ck!”
i continue to tax the b*tch like h and r block
back in forth, forth and back just call me ball
these rug burns got my knees feelin’ kind of raw
she’s bustin’ nuts repeatedly can’t be mad at me
i’m lastin’ longer than a duracell battery

to the lessons of clock, got pin and a c*ck
got two and a half non-stop and the door ain’t locked
i’m out of line like a patient
went deep into the fallopian tubes, released my frustration
moms walks in, sniffin’ and sh*t
actin’ like she wanted some of this big d*ck
she said, “my t*ts, cl*t be hard as brick ya aught to try it”
she said, “move over girl, let me show ya how to ride it”

she started lickin’ my d*ck with much philosophy
i’m feelin’ like i won the lottery
from the head to the scr*t*m gobblin’
she even sucked my toes something slobberin’
don’t even tweak, i’m a nympho ya didn’t know
i said, “what sign is you?”, she said, “scorpio ya know”

oh, so that’s what went down with ol’ baby right
i thought you heard
i told ya man, the facts been proven man
these sedity hoes be chosen

like that, why don’t ya switch ya partner number man
i wanna see this type of game ya know
ya know that ain’t no problem, i sign off
if i got to, you still got them black jack things

i thought you heard, let’s go get twisted or something though
yeah, you too though, i got that too
ah, front it man, all them cops glidin’
you know they on that sh*t, yeah

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