shipwreck love lyrics – underwater tiger

as soon as i set eyes on you
i knew you were something different
shining brighter
and in your eyes i caught a glimpse
with a kiss upon my lips
a girl with dreams paints the bluest of oceans
she cries

’cause it don’t look the way she pictured
a mixture of grayer skies and unsettled waters
and on the horizon she caught a glimpse
the remains of sunken ships
drowning her heart beneath the surface
she can’t let go

tell me something
how can you move on when you’re always looking back?

as you’re fading out of view
do you get that sinking feeling in your stomach?
you keep your shipwreck love at bay
i’ll hope for current’s change
maybe we’ll meet again someday

you know he’ll wait forever
i got no time for that
you know he’ll wait forever
i got more spine than that

can you feel it?
did i get inside?
did you mean it?
don’t apologize
if it’s the last time

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