shorties with mp 40’s the personal is the political lyrics – thou

our sisterhood is a vast and powerful ocean, a deep well
of true meaning sustaining consistent and conflicting
emotions and giving life value, while the constant flow
of the tides caress the sides of imp*ssive rock and
create the contours of interaction that touch every layer
of society.
we are free! free of your necrophilic hatred of life.
free of your all-in-my-head self doubt. endless is our
journey through trackless void, shapeless is our
movement, *ssuming any and all forms, elemental is our
force gaining wisdom in the face of desolation, and
joyful is the sound of medusa’s laughter ringing in our
ears. although we have been exploited as p*ssive p*wns in
the mad dash to domination, not even the heaviest most
painful nor the most subtle and gilded manacles will keep
us imprisoned in the home or racked with guilt over self
realization and self control, neither can we be
constrained beneath a gl*ss ceiling in the rat race of
your job world. patriarchy ends here. wisdom is attained
in the face of utter destruction. and the joyful sound of
medusa’s laughter rings in our ears.

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