shot down by love lyrics – john mcvie

g. sutton/s. brown
time after time my friends warned me
to stay away
but it’s easier said than done
i try and i try
but i’m drawn like a moth to a flame, baby
the closer and closer you come
once i could fly just like a bird so free
when only the sky was blue
but now i’m shackled to your memory
and i’m blue as the sky over you
i watch the night come down on lonely street
look at all the people…just like me
shot down by love
kisses like bullets in a gun
betrayed by desire
ready, aim, fire
shot down by love
night after night
i keep having the same old dream
and it’s driving me out of my head
i see you and you’re kissing me…
but i awake in an empty bed
one more night comes down on lonely street
and i’m still running from your memory
repeat chorus
i never thought we’d lose it all
you break on top and it’s a long, long way to fall
would you like to…
do you like to see me crawl?
repeat chorus

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