should i care lyrics – hate plow

millions of homeless live on the streets
some blame it on the economy
i’m broke too, stop begging for change
you piece of sh*t get out on my way
innocent victims murdered tonight
at the wrong place, at the wrong time
that’s alright, i wasn’t there, i’m still alive
why the f*ck should i care?
all these losers hooked on the pipe
most o.d. when smoking their life
they blame it all on reality
it’s your fault you f*cking junkie
hundreds of thousands dying of aids
not my problem they chose to be gay
some are straight, just to be fair
they’ll die too
why the f*ck should i care?
third world countries going to war
no one heard of these people before
n*body cared if they were alive
show why should we care if they survive
this is what some people say
is the great american way!
some complain and say it’s not fair
f*ck you all
why the f*ck should i care?

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