show your hate lyrics – artillery

terror, horror and death – tonight your victim shall die
pain, torture and fear – your knife is waiting for blood
get out there and destroy – the ones that haunt your dreams
get out there without mercy – cut them down to pieces
steel, power and blood – tonight you’re escaping from h*ll
evil, savage and wild – hate is controlling your mind

feeling the bad times again – do not want it to last
now you’re revenging your pain – playing the master of evil

looser – let it out
looser – it’s time to kill
looser – show your… hate
screams from your victim – he’s suffering
blood on your hands – you’re a killer

what do you feel are you proud
delivering your soul to the evil
now you’ve got what you want
there’s peace in your mind for a while

how do you feel – released
at least for a couple of nights

/ artillery lyrics