shuteye symphony lyrics – words of farewell

a sullen feeling of resentment
dwells into my peaceful sleep
turning this heaven into pure nightmares
ending that serene sentiment
letting the iron walls draw nearer
shaking me up from that dear dream

grime and rust now cover my thoughts
swollen mind too shiftless to recount
of that netherworld that i’ve witnessed
privily faded away from my senses

i feel time running out,
this timepiece wearing away
and nothing will remain of me
when all emotions … fade to grey

torn down in apathy i await another dawn
aimlessly wandering across life
unseen that dreamy kingdom come
unseen that realm beyond

constrained i rejoin the daily bustle
my freedom laid in leaden chains
so now it is my time to leave …
a weight too heavy to bear
an ache that can not be healed
this close tedium made me weary of this world

afield lies the abandon i’ve been aching for
never to return to this irksome place
that solemn promise i’ve made will be broken
as i slowly sink into fathomless slumber

for eternity i shall roam in the silent heights,
in these lands lying above your sight

but no, this is not the end for me
it is a new beginning

now unshackled …
i continue my journey towards the end of time.

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