siblings of tian lyrics – thy majestie

people of qi, i see
your intrepid army
but let me now
speak to your hearts
is fighting worth it?

in your eyes
i see fear and doubt
because you can’t see why

you can choose to turn
against your own qin brothers
or you can end this m*ssacre now
if you will have faith

many died
many more will come
if you won’t do what’s right

surrender or perish

thousands rivers stream
from the mounts down to the sea
when my dream will come true
they shall flow under the kingdom i’ll rule
as siblings of tian
your sorrow will be over
tomorrow as brothers we’ll live
gathered under the same sky

now it is your turn
to believe in my plan
put down your swords and kill your false king
i will show no mercy

yield to me
to the king of qin
be part of the new empire

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