sick of hearing (lies) lyrics – colorful leaves

i was out with a girl last night
and i felt the time was right
i gave my heart to her
but she started talkin’
all about the sh*t that i’m
so sick of hearing
oh yeah, i’m so sick of hearing (lies)
o yeah
you’re really cute
but i don’t want a boyfriend
i like you but we’re from separate worlds
in the end i’ll end up gettin’ hurt
i like to spend my time with you
but i got so much work to do
oh yeah, i’m so sick of hearing (lies)
o yeah
i’m sure you’ll find
another girl if you try
don’t take it personally
it’s got nothing to do with you
let’s stay good friends
and i’ll call you
but i …
know …
you won’t …
guit. solo
so why don’t you say
“i don’t love you” – that’s all
no reason, no excuse, no sweet clap-trap
talkin’ clear is not as painful as hearing lies
was nice meeting you
an’ i’ll try it again …
words by: c. toennis, m. koch

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