signs of corrosion lyrics – corrosion

a distance of light, years away from here,
it’s burning heat,
alone it can consume your fury.
s*x, luxury,
envy, foolish pride, fear.
greed, idleness,
bickering and hipocrsy.
crimes, that cast
shadows across the hardest heart.
turn to face the sun and let it in
burn away in you, that corrosion.
incinerated bodies, corroded minds…
already long since sentenced
to the scaffold of terror.
feel it! feel it!
in everything, your body.
fire and thunder,
you feel like the sun.
your future is putrefaction.
listen, listen to that voice, to try.



if you are tired
of being dominated by your emotions,
look inside yourself
and see who is the greater.
take control of the situation.

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