similak child lyrics – black sheep

when i first saw you
i thought that i knew you
now i know, i don’t
just wish that i did
honey made a right
stepped of, took flight
upstairs, up more
made a left and head

looked down at my shoes
and the cuff in my slacks
hand inside my pocket
came out with something sticking
double mint goes in my mouth
jaws are breaking north and south
look around to see who’s looking
figure that my breath was kicking, so

in the bathroom i go
and fixing his fro
you guessed it, the long one
what’s up black
goes the hand smack
i get the feeling that it’s time
for some black sheep fun

the club is on the bush
why you are no holding a cigar
then you never know
probably a philly
long cracks a smile
oh no, here it comes and says
“yo, drez, honey, made you look silly”

step back in the joint
and gear is kinda funky
my breath no longer kicking
so now it has pep
strobe light help
that i don’t know
walks up, asks your sign
we quickly do the step

where you at, hon?
where you at?
where you at, hon?
where you at?
where you at, hon?
where you at?
then i change my style

moving through the crowd
the smoke has got me choking
funny that i’m choking
could it be that i am smoking
pounds are going round
but this is nothing new
hoping that eloping
with the dip, is what i’ll do

system’s kinda booming
like a driving courting sonic
find the board, kid
my state of mind is like a tonic
there she goes, where?
take my forts out of the dumps
long, over there, over there, look at b*mps

from the time that she was born
she was raised to be all that
gave her no food
strictly similak
the lack of punk on d*ck street
a coupon in the ghetto
i said, hon, “whacha drinkin’?”
“she said milk and armireto”

i took a seat beside her
i would not be denied her
ordered l i i t
fill ‘er up, she’s got a rider
she showed her dental work
and said i looked familiar
i touched her on the hand
i had to feel her

similak child
drivin’ me wild
simi-limi-lak child
you’re definitely with it
similak child
drivin’ me wild
simi-limi-lak child
you’re the woman

i said, “hey”, she said, “hi”
i said, “us”, she said, “try”
and if you’re thinkin’, strictly boots
then i’ll say, “baby, bye, bye”
she said, “i know you got
at least a dozen that you see
you think you own the world
at least new york because you g”

you claim to be the man
you want me for a lover
so you can do my girlfriends
and my sister and my mother
i said, you’re very blunt
put quickness to the cue
so what’s up with your mother
does she look as good as you

i’m playin’, but, let me not delayin’
what i’m sayin’
initially, attraction found your way
before the way in
i’m single, so i’ve got
at least a dozen on my door step
doesn’t boost my ego
it doesn’t mean we’ve slept

i’m in the public eye
so i try to be an eye full
do not own the world
but yes, i have some pull
my coerce rolls a brown
she’s curious of me
please give me more ice tea
and her vitamin d

she said, me, yes, why? yes
sweetheart, you’ve got ten cushions
besides i like your dress
i’m playin’, but let me not be weak
and let me speak
your mind is brighter
than your bootie
it’s the courtin’ that i seek

similak child
drivin’ me wild
simi-limi-lak child
your definitely winning
similak child
drivin’ me wild
simi-limi-lak child
you’re the woman

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