simple freestyle lyrics – krave

yo my nick name is krave
i aint no whimp im brawn and brave
satan keeps braging,my mode is turnin to rage
i cant no longer be like a blast cell i have to start acting my age
me and that red blob wage
to win the flamin fire of h*ll’s cage
music is like a page artist play like actors play in a theater stage
i being good is a gauge a couple more rhymes then i get married cuz right now im engaged
i kick and punch out yo teeth just call me johnny cage
im rough i aint no flower bush or a black sage
like i said i play immature i dont know how to behave
i crave for a razor to shave
or water like a lake pond or a wave
as long as it saves me out of a cave
i’d rather be buried alive in a hunted grave
then being yo maid b*tt-ler or slave
forget it… to my girl is all i give and all i gave
so imma be happy and rave

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