singing rock & roll lyrics – kickback

there are so many things i like to do
it’s easy having fun
like hanging out at the beach on a sunny day
or kickin’ back with a bottle of bud, watchin the stars above
but there’s only one thing that i really love
singing rock & roll, i love singing rock & roll
it thrills me to my soul singing rock & roll
singing rock & roll, i love singing rock & roll
i totally lose controll singing rock & roll
well that b*ss guitar really gets me going
when he starts playing his line (b*ss plays 2 bars)
and the drummers beat nearly knocks me out (drums 4 bars)
and those cool cool organ fills, send shivers down my spine
but when that lead guitar player wails i nearly lose my mind
guitar solo to chorus chords
well i love to watch the way the crowd
always gets into my song (yea they do)
they just can’t sit still, they want to get up and dance
then i close my eyes, and my voice comes out
from deep down in my soul
thats why i love singing that rock & roll
chorus 2 x out

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