sinners bleed lyrics – entombed

my skin is dripping from blood
for that moment i sighed in relief
but i was not just going to be dying
i was going to bleed like sinners bleed

paralyzed by the fear
for something i could not believe
a paradise to some
but h*ll to suckers like me
unspeakable sights i behold
they’re freezing and teasing my mind
terrorized by the essence from beyond
the dimensions of another kind

moving lights
p*sses nihility in which i fell
descent into fright
when i was slowly send down to h*ll

scarlet black all i see
the void caught up with my eyes the horrid wait suffers me
please set me free i just want to die

[lead: cederlund]

palace of confusion
castle of pain
beneath these walls of power
i’m lost in h*lls domain

i am scattered in my own blood
i am losing all my beliefs
but i was not just going to be dying
i am bleeding like sinners bleed

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