sinusitis maxillaris lyrics – eternal dirge

catching cold, infiltrating nasal cavities
eroding, malfunctioning
secrete production multiplied
swollen flesh, respiration prohibited

the putrid caves deteriorate
aural system in a deafened state
infectious m*ss of virulence
festering slime increases my hate


penetrating sterile metal tubes
proceeding to the core of pus
ultrasonic waves detect the nucleus
now injecting solvatating aerosols

vacuum on!

eyes gouge in, pus sucked out
in my skull, behind my face
pressurize … dehumanized!

p*ssing through membranes that divide the brain
meningitis – consequence, damage of cerebral flesh
in chronical development, no use in sucking out
now feel the chisel in your head´s front

free me, oh please release me
kill me, oh won´t you kill me
i, i can´t defy
cry, in eternal lie (to let me die …)

repeat 1st verse

hack into the rotten holes
recognize a spoon is carving mucus
abrasing, infiltrating
secretial biopsy … hate!

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