skipjack lyrics – heavenly

i keep my hand hidden from view
a poker face is what’s called for with you
i hold my cards tight to my chest
just one misjudged look, and you’ll guess the rest

(cathy’s part:)
look in the gl*ss, reflections of me
my cards lade bare on the table to see
(amelia’s part:)
(look, can’t you see me? acting cool, when
really i’m scared, that this game’s unfair)

(cathy’s part:)
my cheating eyes are all that you know
now you’re the banker, it’s your turn to go
(amelia’s part:)
you could cheat me if you wanted to
i could not think any worse of you
each way i lose a heart but somehow i lost the art
of playing these stupid games, you’re gonna win again and

i don’t know what to do
i’ve gambled everything but you still ask for more
i can’t afford not to give
just one more chance, if only for the past
i know it’s my last now

not much to lose, when you’ve lost it all
but why must you take it so hard when you fall

(cathy’s part:)
i’ll pay again at your asking price
i must accept it, but your look’s like ice
(amelia’s part:)
i’ve tried to delay to put off the day
it comes clear you don’t need me here

(cathy’s part:)
dragged through the mill numb to it all
just when i thought it was my turn to call
(amelia’s part:)
i know it is time for me to leave
turn my worst fears into certainty
but i can’t bring myself to leave for somewhere else
without you forcing me which you won’t do which means that

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