sliced & diced lyrics – houwitser

preparations to consume a human body -a clean shot in the skull
to kill your victim -meat hook inserted -hanging with the head down
with a bladed knife make a deep ear to ear cut -if the animal not yet
dead this will kill it quickly -let the blood drain out -start the beheading –
cut the entire neck -separate with a saw -keep the scull as a trophy
decapitation -sliced & diced human meat -sliced & diced a cannibal feast –
female outer lips skinned as the rest -it’s important to leave the *n*s –
untouched -the female br**sts compose gland and fatty tissue -despite
it’s l*stful appearance inedible -skinning single pieces not necessary –
avoid slicing into muscles and viscera -with a saw cut through the pubic
bone -pull out the large and small intestines -human waste disposed in a
number of ways as animal food or burial – bones can be pulverized –

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