sliding doors lyrics – darius

another friday night,
and the week is over –
got a bottle of wine
and a meal for one,
never could have known
she was walkin with me in the rain.
another back to back,
down the escalator,
beat the sliding doors
by a twist of fate,
than a glance behind an
evening paper –
and there she was…
lonely’s gone –
suddenly i got this feelin,
lonely’s gone –
i spin around,
yeah yeah
i’ve left the ground,
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
should i make a move?
did she catch me falling?
what i got to lose?
will she cut me dead?
before i catch my breath,
can’t believe she’s walking
off my train…
beat the sliding doors –
is she gone? don’t lose her,
gotta keep my head –
someone taps my shoulder,
then i spin around and
she’s just smiling –
i guess she knows…
is this fate or happenstance?
her design or my last chance?
i can’t speak
cos she takes my breath away…
so it’s friday night,
and the day is over,
crack a bottle of wine,
make a meal for two –
but there’s no room on the
dining table…
here we go, here we go…

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