slippin out amerikkka lyrics – esham

i’m slippin’ out america, m*ss hysteria
caught with possession and intent to write and deliver murder
get blessed off every word i spit
from the underground streets of detroit, this is as grimy as it gets
if the slugs fit, wear it.if ya got riches share it
whatchu cant take witcha let ya seeds inherit
but this roscoe, i’ma flare it
and sn*tch up the freedom with my masked mandinos, mujahid

[mujahid in muslim]
[translation of chorus]
all praises due to allah, lord of the worlds
most comp*ssionate, most merciful master of
the day of judgment. thy do we worship in thine
aide do we seek. show us the straight path, the path
of those whom you have shown your mercy and
not those who incure your wrath or those who go astray


i’m slippin’ out america ”cause there’s too many jails
pretending to be friends while they be sellin’ you sins

[mujahid speaking muslim]
and they be tryin’ to take like every breath
while i sit back and peep the spectacles of death

[mujahid speaking muslim]
all praises to the prophet and the knots in my pocket
america been tryin’ to kill all our babies for dollars
but many moons have p*ssed and we gonna holla at that *ss
from the future to the past, from the future to the past

i seen it all from pharaoh to nimrod
these n*gg*z tryin’ to play us like they god
i peep the whole scenery, the same greenery
but really though, what does it mean to me?


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