slow motion suffocation lyrics – gun show

i sat helplessly, as you burned every bridge in your
you’ve made a name for yourself, and all you have to
show for it is guilt.

your stuck in this rut of blaming everyone but
and the further you fall the worse those feelings will
but in the end what will you choose this lifestyle of
someday soon will be the end of you,
tell me now what is it worth all the pain and all the
hurt, maybe someday boy
you will learn, learn to grow up.

but keep this close in mind,
your actions don’t dictate,
his love for you,
change isn’t, change isn’t hopeless.

why did/do you say it’s impossible to love, we are not
abandoned [3x]

i’ve stood by you, i’ve always been a call away, so
there is no excuse.
this person i now know, is not the one i’ve called
you’ve let your flesh be your guide.

come on, be the, man god’s called you to be,
come on be the, the man god has called you to be.
take a gun to your pride, don’t believe all the lies,
take a gun to your pride,
don’t believe all the lies.
blow away your insecurities, blow away your

we, are, not,

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