smoke pigs lyrics – thou

please calm down with all the violent rhetoric. some
people who put on a badge are just trying to help people-
-just trying to do some good. my dad, mom, uncle, aunt,
brother, sister, son, daughter is a cop. i don’t want to
hear another word about bribery. i don’t want to hear
about racial profiling, broken bones, or prison rape–or
another unarmed kid filled from head to toe with fifty
government-issued bullets. there is a fundamental flaw in
your desire. there is a psychological deficiency in
policing others. those who maintain a structure of unjust
laws, those who bow to the province of the few, those who
would coerce others under the implicit threat of violent
subjugation–your reign is at an end. when they attack in
the name of the law, we will retaliate in the name of

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