smokin’ sticky sticky lyrics – unk

now what we doin?
(smokin sticky sticky)
d*mn right [x9]

[background of chorus and verses]
(burn it down)

[verse 1:]
i blow kush, but when i blow my kush, my kush rolled tight.
smoke that purp, burn that orange, but just don’t f*ck wit white.
sippin lean, system mean, mary j on my team.
smoke that team, tote that beam, oomp camp live on my screen.
there go 12, straight up they smell that sh*t, they gon take you away.
sh*ttin me, not today, two shots of the? spray.
super mangle, watertangle, a.k. will break yo ankles.
eyes wrinkled, smokin, chokin, put up yo middle finga.
sippin yak, whippin lacs, i’m trippin, smokin back.
two blunts of the kush, you disrespect, i’ll? down yo back.
unk smoke that sh*t that make you say ‘man, what the f*ck was that?’
put up yo lighter, blaze that fire, and keep rollin back.


[verse 2:]
smoke purp on the weekend. (ay!)
big blunt, steady chiefin’.
fat stacks, steady countin. (ay!)
fifth wheel on the back end.
24’s stop, but they spin.
let the dro blow through the wind.
tell yo partner match one, then.
sellin grams you didn’t put in.
what, you ain’t smokin, my friend?
blunt stay right in my hand.
light green just came in.
so, by the way back then,
got n*gg*s way back when.
found out i started rappin’.
smell the haze, they start the beef,
get the guns and start clappin’.
oomp camp stay snappin’.
24/7 on the back end,
25 on the bag of the weed.
inhale and just breath in.
i said, oomp camp stay snappin’.
24/7 on the back end,
25 on the bag of the weed.
inhale and just breath in.


(burn it down)
(smokin sticky sticky)
(burn it down)

ay [x12]

[chorus: x2]
don’t hide that p*ssy,
divide that p*ssy [x3].
f*ck somethin’ [x4]

it’s 4 in the morning,
b*tches at my car door.
put the chevy in reverse,
and let the bubble kush blow.
montay got the keys to the room at the mo,
and if you hoes ain’t f*ckin’, then you don’t need to go.
[girl] i just wanna f*ck you.
nope, i don’t think so.
i’ma straight gutter, straight cutter n*gg*, stupid hoe.
just past the p*ssy,
and let my boy hit it.
we gon’ smash the p*ssy,
that’s how we like to get it.
divide it up, and slit it.
you shoulda never did it,
we gon’ make that thing drip, like it’s somethin’ wrong wit it.
she sucked me ’til i came,
and she didn’t even spit it.
she swallowed it, she kissed it, and she licked it.

[chorus x2]

now here’s a lil somethin’ that needs to be heard.
i was chillin’ on the west side.
[boy:] what, unk.
[boy:] what the f*ck?
all alone, no hoes to f*ck with,
hopped on my sprint phone, and called me up a b*tch.
[phone rings]
[girl:] who is this?
dj unk, come on over let’s cut somethin’, b*tch.
and she told me,
[girl:] ‘it’s all because of you’.
and i told her, ‘i share hoes with my crew’.
she let me hit it from the back wit a *ss so fat,
now why she wanna go and do that, do that, that.
[girl:] i just got to atlanta.
oh, yeah. i never knew that. where you from?
[girl:] texas.
that’s why she let me screw that.
[girl:] i love you, dj unk.
she must think that i’m a new jack,
divide the p*ssy up, and let e’erybody do that.
d*mn, shawty, show ’em how you do that.
a freak wit it, pulled it out her mouth,
and then she blew that.

[chorus x2]

big boned got some good p*ssy.
say, them boy’s homegurls got some good p*ssy.
say, them martin luther king gurls, good p*ssy.
say, decatur gurls got that good p*ssy.
say, the zone 1 gurls got good p*ssy.
say, the zone 2 gurls got good p*ssy.
say, the zone 3 gurls got good p*ssy.
zone 5, zone 6 got good p*ssy.
.44 gurls, got good p*ssy.
boulevard gurls, got good p*ssy.
riversdale gurls, got good p*ssy.
terrence boulevard gurls got good p*ssy.
summer hill, hollywood hoe, adam ville.
hey, hey, four seasons n*gg*s, hollywood hoe, hey.
one time for them boy’s homegurls, hey.

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