snakes among us lyrics – bane

your garbage it is growing
and your weapons and rebellions
were charged on daddyæ?¯ card
to all your baffled looks
we didnæ?° choose to do this the hard way
but we scream our lungs and we raise our gl*sses
to all the girls, and all the boys
with the first five minutes of a war always at their sides
(and like the man said?
“i fall asleep with pen in hand thereæ?¯ something
you should know”
and all your guts and all your goals
came in the shiny promo package
knew how this would end before you bled for the beginning
strike a pose
so when you get off your happy little bus
with your happy little smiles
with your happy little instruments that never go out of tune
we will be f*cking up and missing words
following you in a van that we had to beg to start
and of course weæ?®e f*cking angry
and of course weæ?®e tired and ugly
itæ?¯ not all a sunny sunday
(and like the man said?
“you can take a road that takes you to the stars
i can take a road that will see me through”

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