so cold lyrics – postmortem

hold thou thy cross and fear no foe
through clouds and darkness
where´s the devils sting out in the cold
point to the black skies
and you will grab your knife and you cut your skin
till your life ends now i´m feeling freed rid of the pain
final heartbeat burst on my sight the tunnel-light
echoes of mercy and cast my crown to the devils feet
i feel the cold chance and decay all around i see
o thou who changed not shine through the gloom and
point the skies there is no mourning

death! you feel so cold – that the end
around the dark it´s getting clear my heart is not
the dawning star that holy flame my darkest hour
my life goes past no lack of grace and death shall last
while the end is near dark holy priest coming over

death! you feel so cold – that the end
give me the light for which i pray and faith within me
in hope endure; in faith be strong my whole dying
unfailing path securely there death before me
show me the path on which i walk give me strength

death! you feel so cold – that the end

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