some kind of hero lyrics – jaewon

verse 1:
i was 12 years old when i decided to rock the nation //
i was sick of school, i was tired of indoctrination //
i needed somewhere to hide so i locked the bas*m*nt //
and grabbed the microphone with a smile as i blocked the hatred //
from those who doubted me ’cause i could do without it, see //
i knew what i wanted to do, ’cause music is allowing me //
to be free now as i look out over the crowd i see //
these kids reminding me that dreams are never out of reach //
so i’ll keep conquering from north, west, south to east //
’cause nowadays i’ve got more than one mouth to feed //
(you see) i went from gravel and pebbles to mountain peaks //
so look at me now mom and dad, aren’t you/i bet you’re proud of me?… //

once again – here i go //
walking down that same old road //
i’ve been high, i’ve been low //
i’ve been lost but now i know //
it’s my life – it’s my pain //
i’ve seen sunshine, i’ve seen rain //
through the storm – look at me //
and you will see some kind of hero… //
some kind of hero… //
some kind of hero… //
some kind of hero… //

verse 2:
watch me turn a simple song into a masterpiece //
right in front of everyone who’s ever laughed at me //
stepped all over my dreams and had me doubting myself //
’cause the first time they did i made a vow to myself //
to never set my dreams aside for anything //
that i wasn’t going to hide, just write, but many things //
came in my direction that i couldn’t quite understand //
couldn’t comprehend, that’s why i became a running man //
staying up late nights trying to cure my stagefright //
barely seeing daylight, living an insane life //
it was obvious that i was running out of fuel //
but i didn’t give a d*mn that i was flunking out of school //
this dream was all that i had and i would die before i’d let ’em take it //
man, you must be blind if you can’t see my dedication //
it’s so much more than just ink on a paper //
so my spirit will live on through the tunes i’ve created… //

verse 3:
yeah, i admit it, there were times i was sick and tired //
they thought i was gone but this dragon’s still spitting fire //
so focused, while these other cats sat back //
i just kept marching with the swagger of a bad*ss //
i’m doing things that these legends have never done //
and you know the funny thing is; i’m only 21 //
but they keep denying there’s a legend in the makings //
waiting for me to abdicate when this is just my coronation… //

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