somebody call fred hollows – this bitch is blind lyrics – ennui breathes malice

change! see me! alter the way that you see! change the
way you look – look for a way to change! alter the way in
which you see yourself and you’ll find change!
frustration attires itself in a dress of custard hue
tonight, and disdain is the opal pendant hanging down
toward its perfect br**sts, and porcelain flesh – but it
no longer emanates is lavender, as we sniff the lividity
and hatred in the atmosphere! i’d carve a tiny cartoon
heart into that f*cking chest, where the love once grew;
and i’d scr*pe that mini foreign symbol from your lower
back (sl*t) if i were you! she sees no simplicity – no
glimpse of a future here with me – will she ever f*cking
see? her disease; it is much more apparent than the warm,
pearl fluid trickling down from her chin! i don’t f*cking
want you – i only need you to f*cking see – please see!

/ ennui breathes malice lyrics