somebody help me lyrics – gene vincent

“somebody help me”
recorded by gene vincent on capitol records 1958
song written in 1957 by bob kelly bmi

i’ve got a bone to pick with this world,
i’m not very handsome, i cant find a girl.
i ask the aid of the whole universe.
i’m not very happy, it could be worse.

somebody help me—-eeee.
somebody help me—-eeee.
somebody please, somebody please help me—eeee.

i’m in luck now that i’ve found,
the birds and the bees are helping me round.
the birds are singin’ their songs of cheer,
love will escape me, i fear.

moon is a glitter from up above,
but i’ve yet to find me someone to love,
the breeze keeps whispering to my ear,
lonesome baby without you here.

stars are twinklin in the sky,
finally caught this little girls eye.
i’ve stopped roamin this country over,
luck has found me, i’ve got a four leaf clover.

somebody please, somebody please help me.

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