something 2 die 4 (interlude) lyrics – 2pac

(laughter echoed)

i’ve changed…
you mothaf*ckas kill me
i’ve changed…

it ain’t that i’ve changed
but it’s strange how you mothaf*ckas rearrange
when i found fame
point ya finger at tha bad guy

you know what my momma usta tell me
if ya can’t find something ta live 4

then you best, find something ta die 4

(eazy saying ‘if there’s h*ll below, we’re all gonna
go’–this is all through out tha interlude)

deep deep

la’tasha hardings
remember that name…
cause a bottle of juice…
ain’t something 2 die 4

young quaid
remember that name…
cause all you mothaf*ckas
that go to your grave with that name on your brain
cause jelousy and recklousness
is not, something 2 die 4

all you n*gg*s out there
(echoed laughter)
got a crack that crumbles
when i say all you n*gg*s (all you n*gg*s)
one n*gg*, teach 2 n*gg*s
4 n*gg*s teach more n*gg*s
all tha poor n*gg*s
tha penn n*gg*s
tha rich n*gg*s
tha strong n*gg*s

there’s more of us than there is of them
look around…
check your strip

deep deep

that’s something 2 die 4


that’s something 2 live 4

what do i know?

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