somewhere i’ve never travelled lyrics – ambrosia

somewhere i’ve never travelled
that’s where i’ve been today
somewhere beyond all reason
but it became the only way

i could find it
something inside of me
i can find it

someplace i’ve always dreamed of
that’s what i finally see
and when i’m there i feel love
so there i always want to be

i believe it
believe in myself
i have seen it

and there’s a day when you’ll wake
with the sun in your eyes
hearing a voice that is calling
within you to rise


someday i’ll be there
though i know not
where i go
there i’ll be
when i go

somewhere i’d never travelled
that’s where it all began
and as my dreams unravel
i long to go that way again

i am waiting
waiting to take you there
no more waiting

(off you go…)

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