somnambulate lyrics – i am hunger

and it goes back to where i always begin,
keeping all my hopes up high.
there’s just no chance too breath in,
and the moment’s gone.
can’t cope with life no more,
so i close my eyes.
in hope of better days,
i close my eyes.
but days never comes,
they’re just rushing by.
if i could i would change it all.
but i can’t, and ‘hope’ keeps telling lies,
so i close my eyes.
and i know how it’s supposed to end,
but i’m throwing myself in with all that i’ve got.
and when air is all i see, free falling will you catch
cause i’ve put my trust in few,
still those i love keep slipping through my fingertips.
just cause i needed them more than they needed me,
all those i cared for is far out of reach.
in times of need, i’m left alone against the world.

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