son lyrics – jethro tull

oh, i feel sympathy
be grateful my son for what you get
expression and p*ssion
ten days for watching the sunset

when i was your age
amus*m*nt we made for ourselves
“permission to breathe, sir”
don’t talk like that, i’m your old man

they’ll soon be demobbed son
so join up as soon as you can
you can’t borrow that
‘cos that’s for the races and doesn’t grow on trees

i only feel what touches me
and feel in touching i can see
a better state to be in

who has the right
to question what i might do
in feeling i should touch the real
and only things i feel

it’s advice and it’s nice
to know when you’re best advised
you’ve only turned thirty
so son, you’d better apologize

and when you grow up
if you’re good we will buy you a bike

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