son of the red sand lyrics – decades of despair

rise now for me
trample the clay again
spread your contaminant words on earth
vomit your hate
smother the miserable
drown these lands into darkness

burial grounds of the primordial centuries
release your malicious lord
untie the issue of sands

breathers give me strength
to animate
breeders give me lives
to immolate

we are the priests
of the dismal decades
praying for the one to rise
the father of plagues

i am the wrath of the red sands
i am the one to darken the skies
i am the one to wreck
i am the plagues on earth

the son of hate would never hear
our noiseless voices
mastered by itself only
the doubt devoured our wretched souls
nothing could stop the creature
the only way was to
abort the ritual then send
him back to h*ll

we must end everything
pronounce your last wish

drown into darkness
drown the world into darkness

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