song for my mother lyrics – dean friedman

by dean friedman

in the hollow of your arms, snuggled up all safe and warn,
you used to tell me tales of unicorns and kings.
but how could i comprehend all the things you told me then
of your madness and your struggling?

and my mind would swim in fantasies, like a piece of driftwood in the sea.
i had no touchstone for reality. you were my reality.

like a dark and unlit room or the far side of the moon,
your insanity spoke emptiness and fear.
and no matter how i tried, how i questioned and i pried,
i just could not penetrate that thin veneer.

and i know you tried to comfort me, to soothe and re*ssure me.
but then your strength would always fail and in it’s place a silken veil.

like a dried and wrinkled prune, a deflated toy balloon,
i cam home and found you strewn across the floor.
and as they lay you on your bed i heard you say,
“if i a dead, how come it just keeps on hurting more and more?”

and you left me in the early spring. all they said was, “mommy’s resting.”
and how was i to know, so young, it wasn’t something i had done?

so please try and understand, i will love you as i can.
i do not blame you; you’re not guilty.
but still there’s no way to describe the relief i finally found
upon learning it was you, and not me, that was crazy.

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