song for the kids lyrics – diesel boy

it’s almost three a.m. and i should be asleep but instead i lie awake in =
my room and my head still hurts from the night before last my only =
solace is thinking of you let me dream, give me peace let me fall fast =
asleep cus i swear there will be time for you tomorrow so i’m doing what =
i can to write you a song but i am burned out and its late at night and =
i’m trying real hard to tear the words from my insides but sometimes my =
pen just won’t write keep me warm while i sleep safe and sound =
underneath the sheets cuz i swear there will be time for you tomorrow =
yeah, yeah, yeah the hood of your car and the florida skyline you told =
me your secrets with your head pressed to mine we lay close together =
like ivy entwined you are all of my songs and the sun as it shines so =
much beauty and style what a beautiful smile like the perfect pic*sso =
both color and grace i call my machine to hear your voice one more time =
and my stomach gets weak as your voice comes through the line the air is =
quiet, calm, and still just as it always and forever will and my radio =
plays the same old song and it makes me forget that you are gone

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