song of the wind lyrics – wanda jackson

i see the shadows as they come to welcome the night
treading the time when i know i must turn out the light
here in the darkness i lie down to hurt once again
from letting a mem’ry who’s heart sings a song of the wind
so much like a child yet so very much of a man
he was a drifter and i wasn’t hard of his plan
he needed me when i met him so i took him in
not knowing someday he’d follow a song of the wind
the wind sings the moving song of fields that’ll always green
the man who has heard it’s call can’t leave a thing unseen
if i should see him and he needs the warmth of a friend
i’ll try to help him for the short time he was in
i won’t be surprised when i wake and he’s gone once again
for he is a dreamer who follows the song of the wind
yes he is a dreamer who’s heart sings a song of the wind

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