sooner or later (soren’s song) lyrics – switchfoot

come back and haunt me
follow me home
give me a motive
swallow me whole

they say i’ve lost it
what could i know
when i’m but a mockery?
i’m so alone

sooner of later you’ll find out
there’s a hole in the wall

today is ours
condemned to be free
free to keep breathing
free to believe

i look to find you
down on my knees
oh god, i believe!
please help me believe

sooner or later they’ll find out
there’s a hole in the wall
sooner or later you’ll find out
that you’ll dream to be that small

i’m a believer, help me believe

i gave it all away and lost who i am
i threw it all away
with everything to gain
and i’m taking the leap
with dreams of shrinking
yeah, dreams of shrinking

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