soulquake bizarre lyrics – infliction

false ecstasy
an implosion is what i feel
alchemy on my inner fields
poison flows into my veins paralyzed as i drown in flames
disintegrate, dressed in black disease
now i know what dwells within me!

immobile in spirals down
void of emptiness unbound, turns my mind
it makes no sense to live
can’t stop this from being real
becoming the mannequin enslaved, to explain what’s all to clear
returning to devour, as i try to erase what used to be

my anger hides within, what’s left is misery wasted, broken, my dreams unfulfilled
seeking thy refuge where my pain resides
“she seated herself by me again, her embrace grew sadder and graver
she was a part of my life, the half envenomed, my threnody
incantation for better for worse, with tender movements in times of grief”
its substance moving through my eyes
endless burning of soul and mind

the soulquake bizarre . . .

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