sounds from the street lyrics – jam

sounds from the street
sounds so sweet
what’s my name?
it hurts my brain to think

sounds from the city
sound so pretty
young bands playing
young kids digging, and i dig them

the usa’s got the sea
yeah, but the british kid’s got the streets
i don’t mind, the city’s right
sounds from the street, sounds just fine

i know i come from woking
and you say i’m a fraud
but my heart’s in the city
where it belongs

words from the voices
rock and roll rejoices
it’s something new
it’s something young for a change

sounds from the street
they sound so sweet
they gotta take notice
why should they stop us?
we don’t need them

we’re never gonna change a thing
and the situation’s rapidly decreasing
but what can i do?
i’m trying to be true
that’s more than you
at least i’m doing something

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