spacetown lyrics – happy head

(david barratt/bill clift/carl l. marsh)
anybody ever had a dream
wouldn’t wake up
and lose it over me
anybody ever stole a scene
wouldn’t need to
if the could only be
strangely serene
facing the shakedown
n*body ever ran the race
and came out
the same as they went in
n*body in a sacred place
need leave it
if they could only bring
some sense of grace for time
to lay down
hold this terrifying love
a charm against the cold
do this and think of me
and let the world unfold
sp*ced out in sp*cetown
i know you’ve been
shaping up for the shakedown
so let me in
we live and learn or crash and burn
this is sp*cetown
we’re living in sp*cetown
everybody in the neighbourhood
wouldn’t move on
if they could only see
everybody for the common good
shout something
apart from look at me
just watch the screen
when the mirror breaks down
you with all that you could own
are trying to be true
and wait so patiently
for a bolt from out the blue
show me something i can use
a stone that i can throw
or shall i turn away
and fall into the flow

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