spastic anal lacerations lyrics – visceral disgorge

she loves it in the *ss.
what’s in store for this wh*r*?
sadistic *ss play, how much will she endure?
this b*tch is shameless, fist-f*cking her *n*s.
moaning in pain, excruciating.
her legs spread wide, as i force my way inside.
a shear act of depravity.
elbow deep in her *n*l cavity.
time to cut this b*tt sl*t.
a razor reaming will have her screaming.
bleed for me wh*r*.
compulsive morbid fixations, slash dementia, lacerations.
possessed by the blade, her *sshole filleted.
rectal hematic effusion.
slicing her sphincter
methodically, blood splatted from sawzaw sodomy.
ruptured rectal walls from augering her *n*s.
getting eviscerated from her *ss.
gastrointestinal inversion.
i will turn this b*tch inside out.
then i consume the bl**dy innards removed.

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