speed bump lyrics – bracket

next to the sidewalk
i have been layed up there for days
and if i could walk
i would walk away

does someone miss me?
does someone wonder where i’ve gone?
are they unhappy?
they won’t see me again

my bones are broken
but i need to get up and go
my insides showing
they don’t need to show

this situation seems to have put me in a hole
i need attention
they won’t see me again

i don抰 think i’ll be going home today

i’m not that healthy
i don’t imagine i look well
i’m getting messy
everyone can tell

i’ve been invaded
there’s something picking at my skin
i am degrading
they won’t see me again

i’m so ashamed now
i’m well behaved now
i think i’m tame now
i’ve lost the game now
i’m rearranged now
i feel estranged now
i need a change now
i don’t feel pain now

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