speed of spinning earth lyrics – in alcatraz 1962

we are the weakness, we are the wrong

we are never satisfied, will it take the world to end, with the seven seas out to drown us all? memories tangled in a line of a conscience as guilty as the shameful man of sin. oh, where did the time go?

through the door way he enters with no flaws.
my impatient ways lead me to rush time
i am living a dream i’ve always hoped of
but when the truth is no longer known
it hits me as i write this song
goes on and on
as i write this song
goes on and on
our life goes on

by tomorrow today’s a ghost
you have forgotten everything
from the way we used to live
today is a ghost
pay a visit once in a while
pay a visit, show me your face.

/ in alcatraz 1962 lyrics