spells death lyrics – winter’s bane

in the darkness you can’t hide
in the distance you can’t run
i see inside your mind
i’m the darkest before the dawn

vengeance is not the plan
although i might bring you pain
one thing is for sure
and soon death you will endure

deceive everyone at every chance
excess greed it’s your
time erodes the end draws near
hate explodes into your every fear

in the garden there was a conspiracy
that brought wrath for all eternity
for the promises that weren’t kept
all of the spells your d.e.a.t.h.

cloaked in black my eyes ablaze
i’ve come to steal your breath away
like blowing out a candle
all of this spells your death

emotionless i reap the field
etched in stone your fate is sealed
i’m the guide between the realms of life and death
the choices you’ve made with the life you’ve had
eden proved right the faults of man
my judgment not on how you lived

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