sphere lyrics – chimaira

crawling back up from the floor now
i look above me and there you are
i see your smiling face so pure, its gold
reaching your hand out to touch mine

perhaps all i needed was your smile
a nice compliment or two
where were you a few weeks ago?
when i was wanting to die

i felt so worthless but you saved me
watching me almost fall under
you were with him i was with her
wanting each other more than life
a kiss away from being perfect

cry out you’re watching over me
and i can’t be with you
all i wanted was to end me
not to be in love with two

i hate my thoughts now
i’ll leave her alone to live in bliss
you’re my savior my dream come true

trying to figure out a way
i’ll lick your wounds i’ll heal your sores
i can never face my past
not together i felt so sick inside

death will come very soon
i tear as we drift away
death will come very soon
i tear as we drift away

picture me, picture me, picture me
picture, dead
would you cry? would you?
would you cry? would you cry?

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