spirit lyrics – faith no more

she looked at me and did the bossa nova
i smiled at her and then just walked away
then the lights came on and it was over
to my surprise, she wasn’t a girl at all
so i packed it up and took to a rock show…
where you can feel the pulse getting stronger
& you can only hear the beat for so long
i asked if there was any way to stop it
no, he said, just smile and act as if…
you worship the very ground on which they walk on…
no way
a temporary absence of gesture
a hidden meaning known to everyone
a slight misconception of leisure
don’t see how that could hurt anyone… i know… but
spirit, excellence, further down the road,
these are the tools you’ll need further down the road.
so lets pack it up and take it somewhere special…
from a quintessential, existential nightmare
to a sanctuary waiting in the sun

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