spiritual blackout lyrics – devilish impressions

nocturnal p*ssage to worlds beyond the frame of so called
a dream that takes you for a journey across the most
twisted scenes as far as your imagination is concerned…
neurons lost in the labyrinth with no exit, an astral
body unable to come back…

„a spirit p*ssed before me: i beheld
the face of immortality unveiled –
deep sleep came down on every eye save mine –
and there it stood, – all formless – but divine:
along my bones the creeping flesh did quake;
and as my damp hair stiffened, thus it spake:
is man more just than god? is man more pure
than he who deems even seraphs insecure?
creatures of clay – vain dwellers in the dust!
the moth survives you, and are ye more just?
things of a day! you wither ere the night,
heedless and blind to wisdom’s wasted light!” *

pray! devour words and gestures
pray! for all your hope is gone
pray! to stimulate your spirit
slay! before they’ll take it all…

an astral body unable to come back
nocturnal p*ssage to worlds beyond the frame…
p*ssage – dream to be awake…

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