spot where i stand lyrics – brent kirby

it’s a long way to cleveland

dead set in my plans

if i could just see you

i’d make my reprimands

beg for you forgiveness

travel cross this land

i can see it all so clearly

from this spot where i stand

started out on my journey

on early july morn

and i walked until my feet and confidence was worn

at night i slept beneath the stars

and stared into the sky

feel like i’m so far away

wish that i could fly

as i got much closer

i began to rehe*rs*

what it is i’d say to you

what i would say first

i pictured your steel blue eyes and shining hair of

so much there between us

secrets that we hold

brighter lights were shining

the city came into view

manicured gardens

all the buildings seemed brand new

didn’t know where to find you

didn’t know where to start

let me feet fall beneath me

and follow my heart

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